I am someone who teaches other people how to program. I do this through my mentoring and my book writing. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia.

When I am not mentoring or writing books I'm working full-time at Culture Amp, where I use Ruby and Elixir daily.

I'm best known for my work on the Rails Guides, Rails 4 in Action, Multitenancy with Rails and my walkthrough of the Toy Robot exercise. I'm currently writing a new book called Joy of Elixir.

You might know me from the books I've written, any of the open source work I've done, my addiction to Stack Overflow or The Rails Guides that I helped write.


I wrote Rails 3 in Action, Rails 4 in Action, Multitenancy with Rails, Toy Robot and I'm currently writing Deep Dive Rails.

I won a Ruby Hero award in 2011 for my work on the Rails guides. As part of this work, I worked on the Getting Started with Rails, Active Record Query Interface Asset Pipeline , Configuring Rails Applications and the Getting Started with Engines. I also wrote a Ruby setup guide for Ubuntu and one for Mac OS X. I keep some other guides in my personal guides repository on GitHub.

My best blog posts are:


Over my career I've worked with many, many teams developing Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Rails, Go and React applications. (Thankfully, not all of those languages/frameworks at the same time.)

The proudest accomplishments of my coding career have been:

Open Source

I've contributed extensively to open source and I'm most well-known in this regard for having maintained Spree. Other open source projects that I am proud of include:

You can see more examples of my work on GitHub.